About Gordana

Gordana is a graduate of the medical school in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, where she had an internship in general medicine (family medicine), including training in cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, hematology and oncology. Gordana was an assistant professor at the school. She was also a postdoctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University and a researcher at University Hospital and at Ireland Cancer Center. She is a graduate of the Institute for Medical Massage, Cleveland, Ohio.

Over the years, she has trained extensively in a number of additional disciplines: craniosacral therapy, precision neuromuscular therapy, visceral manipulation, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and homeopathy.

In the course of her work in traditional medicine and in her teaching, she demonstrated to her patients, students and colleagues that she had a “healing power” and magical hands. Through extensive research, Gordana was always seeking natural methods of healing and improving health with subtle, natural elements, believing them to be more effective than the “scalpel and drugs” approach. Her mentor and great inspiration was her uncle, a pediatrician specializing in ear, nose and throat problems. His style of medicine and hers were very similar, and he did what Gordana always endeavored to do: to care greatly for their patients.